Saturday, July 27, 2013


The Pope has a call for us, and it is the call of Christ - the radical, noisy, messy, scandalous call of the God-Man.

I wrote earlier this week that I was about ready to sock anyone who implied that Benedict was less loving than Francis.  But guess what?  If you're spending a lot of time grumbling to yourself about Francis, you are missing just as much.

There is intense continuity between Benedict and Francis, and the reason for that is that both of them are speaking the Gospel, a Gospel that is the opposite of narrow or tidy or easy to quantify.  Our God is so great that he encompasses all of the riches that both Benedict and Francis have shown us and infinitely more.

Benedict's incredible act of humility and trust, borne out of his deep connection with the will of God both for himself and the Church, had a purpose.  I suggest we start listening for it.

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